The closure system, which involves interlocking hooks for easy resealing, is now available for use on Form Fill & Seal plastic films, providing manufacturers with the option of incorporating it as part of their packaging design for the first time, with no capital expenditure.

Adam Kay, Sales and Technical Director at Tyler Packaging, commented: “The APLIX closure system is a fantastic option – it’s extremely straightforward and hardwearing, meaning packaging can be opened and resealed practically indefinitely. Its ease of use makes it particularly suitable for the food industry, both pet and human, as it doesn’t need exact alignment to reseal, meaning it’s both very simple for the consumer to use and able to preserve food for longer.”

Made from food-grade heat-sealable polyethylene, the EASY-LOCK by APLIX ® closure system is available in two formats – a light closure for small bags and a more robust closure for heavier bags. Tyler Packaging is the first packaging manufacturer to offer it as an option to be used with FFS film, adding it to the variety of available extras such as product windows and matt and gloss finishes that can also be incorporated.

Adam said: “Innovation is a huge part of what we offer, so we’re constantly looking for ways to stand out from our competitors. The introduction of the APLIX option is just another example of how we strive to stay at the forefront of the flexible packaging market.”

The Tyler Packaging team has recently launched its website in a multilingual format, allowing it to cater for Spanish, German, French, Swedish and English speakers, with a Russian version still to come.

Adam Kay said: “We not only like to stay at the forefront of packaging technology when it comes to innovation, we also like to offer innovative service. A multilingual approach allows us to cater for a broader spectrum of clients, ensuring we can attract the widest target market possible and enabling us to communicate more effectively.”

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